You are a Hara Woman

by Nataliya Pilschchykova

Untie the knots,
Release the shame,
Unravel your beauty,
From the inside of self.
Nature is changing - as are you.

Celebrate your being
Show the world the wisdom within you.
You are a creature of change
And a woman in life.
Don't stop the world
To follow Mother Nature's light.

©Nataliya Pilshchykova

Nataliya Pilshchykova

Nataliya writes: I was born in Ukraine and came to UK at the age of 15. I am a trained nurse and currently at the end of my midwifery training. My intererest in women and their fascinating cyclic nature brought the flow of writing poems in English language. I am fascinated by women and positive energy they bring into this world and how their changing nature keeps this world alive. I am passionate about supporting women and celebrating women’s strengths.
Nataliya Pilshchykova

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