Winter Solstice

by Weeza Potter

Eagle in flight - photo by Ted Bradford

Layers of sedimentary stillness are settling quietly between the tinsel,
creating a strong foothold from which to take flight.
Yes - the eagle takes flight and perches at the top of the invader fir tree.
Then She blinks Her beady eye within me and there it is;
the perfect contradiction balanced on its knife-edged stillness.
Come crystal sword and pierce my veins, let them pulse with a million shards of stillness.
They sparkle in my far-seeing eyes so that the worldly spin of this christmas time stops.
And I can see you, Bone woman. And there are rocks forming in my belly.

Weeza Potter

Weeza writes: "I live with my 2 children in rural Somerset where I value my contact with the Lady through nature and close knowledge of the changing seasons. For many years I practiced as a self taught kitchen witch and still enjoy growing and cooking my own food.

I am a Priestess of Avalon. I have completed the 3-year training "In the Heart of the Goddess" led by Kathy Jones in Glastonbury.

My love of being in nature, and a longing to celebrate the seasons and of Celtic legend, led me to Goddess spirituality. For many years circling round the fire with my women friends has been a source of healing and comfort to me. Training as a Priestess had enabled me to deepen this kind of simple experience and share it with others."
Weeza Potter

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