Where Did I Go?

by Doreen Hopwood

maskWhat if I

as a woman of a certain age,
decide to spend a fortune and engage
a surgeon whose expertise in plastic
would make me look just fantastic?

What if I

lying in theatre, trustingly gowned,
ask again before being drowned
in anaesthetic, 'If I submit to the knife,
will it really change my life?'

What if I

looking in the mirror, fail to recognise
the smoothed out skin and youthful eyes,
my life experiences through the years,
my character, all airbrushed up behind my ears?

What if I

think it's better to have lifted eyelids
than take a trip to the pyramids?
Better a firm jawline than to sail down the Nile
outrageously decrepit and lacking in style?

What if I

just don't bother and shout out loud,
show the world I stand unbowed,
I was twenty five in another time, another place,
and I am proud of my collapsing face?

But even so,
I will still ask myself,

'Where did I go?'

©Doreen Hopwood, 2011

Doreen Hopwood

Doreen Hopwood writes: "I live beside beautiful Loch Lomond in the Loch Lomond and TrossachsNational Park.  I am a therapist teaching relaxation techniques, yogastretches, and Indian head massage.  I also work with crystals andvibrational healing.  Much of my poetry is Goddess focused and deeply influenced by ancientmyth and folklore. I also enjoy hosting Goddess events celebrating theGoddess in all Her aspects.  E mail me at dorryhopwood@hotmail.com."
Doreen Hopwood

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