This Fire

by Annelinde Metzner

fireThis fire blazes, crying “I will defend You!”
My mother, Earth, I will defend you
when greed fouls your waters with black oil,
when ignorance and pride leak radiation into your soil,
when desperate fear invents “fracking”
to rape you deep down to your core.
This fire arises in me, crying “I will defend You!”

This fire defends the world’s women,
when a seventeen-year-old is publicly beaten
for wearing pants under her burka,
when five-year-olds are bred for slavery and prostitution,
when women cannot count upon a safe night’s sleep at home.
This fire arises, crying “I will defend You!”

This fire defends the Goddess.
Exquisite one, source of all Life,
within our Earth and within our Bodies,
Giver of Love and Abundance, holder of Power,
I am your warrior!
Not on my watch will You be the harlot,
the evil witch eating children.
As we once were burned for Your love,
so our Fire will restore You,
Your warmth, Your brilliance,
Your Fire.

Annelinde Metzner

Annelinde Metzner resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA, where she devotes her work to the reemergence of the Goddess. Annelinde's poetry has been featured in the We'Moon Datebook as well as in Goddess Pages. She composes solo songs, chamber and choral music and produces concerts of her music and poetry including dance and puppetry.Her songbook of 21 praise songs for the Goddess called "Lady of Ten Thousand Names" is available at her poetry blog, "Annelinde's World". She directs two choirs, offers workshops and teaches privately. Annelinde can be contacted at
Annelinde Metzner

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