The Moon and I

by Dora Wright


We walk the night together
the moon and I
With her I'm not afraid of the dark
I hear whispers in the wind
feel the gentle touch of spirits
as they draw close to me
feeling their love
as they pass me by
We walk the night together
the moon and I
and I revel in the love I feel around me
spirits old and new reaching out to me
happy to be connected once more
to the living
I smell their perfumes
feel their thoughts
absorb their radiance
The night air swirls around me
like a dervish and I feel my mind
connecting with them in love
I feel myself glowing with inner peace
As my friend the moon leaves me
I smile and thank her
for allowing me to accompany her
and her friends on a moonlight walk

Dora Wright 2013/8


Dora Wright

My name is Dora Wright and I am a member of three writing groups. I've been writing for ten years and have been published in Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and online. I live at Loch Lomond and enjoy the beauty all around me - very inspirational.
Dora Wright

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