The Chronicles of Baubo Biggins: I am waiting

as told to Katara Moon

WaitingHello Sweeties, Baubo Biggins Here Again!

Back in the sixties, in my High School days, the first book I ever bought with my hard-earned allowance ($5) was a book of poetry by the wonderful and morose Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  (You can bet spell check couldn't find his name.) My favorite poem was his "I Am Waiting".  It is no less current today as it was then.  I hope you will give him a read.  In homage to Lawrence Sweetie I will now share with you my musings on the subject.

Here is what I, Baubo Biggins, am awaiting:

  • I am waiting for Health Care to be Universal and Affordable. (No, really universal, and really, really affordable).
  • I am waiting for no one to ever lose their home, job, or savings due to any government or corporate funny business.
  • I am waiting for Funny Business to be mandated a felony with heads of government or corporations losing, home, job, savings, and liberty. (No, really the heads, not the odd scapegoat or two).
  • I am waiting for the Senate to be 51 percent Women and 49 percent Men. The House to be likewise gender apportioned.
  • I am waiting for ALL lobbyists to be banned from Washington DC and their computer privileges grounded until they can earn back our trust. (Corporations and drug companies, I wouldn't hold my breath).
  • I am waiting for male politicians to be drug tested and brain scanned to see if they are upping their testosterone or their right brain has atrophied.
  • I am waiting for Slavery in America, Women's Suffrage and The Consequences of Manifest Destiny to be mandatory subjects in public schools (Not creationism).
  • I am waiting for Viagra to be recalled as an attempt to alter the Creator's plan to age graciously.
  • I am waiting for the Goddess to receive an invocation at each and every government, political, sports and school event.

Oh Sweeties there is so much more I could say. But I will close now with this to the Political Circus:

Are you folks, campaigning or serving, ready to get to work and quit messing with the hard-earned rights of We, the People?

Leave your deities and your dirty laundry at the door- and pick ‘em up when you leave - we don't do clean up.

Return to the days when religious freedom meant sharing your spiritual views in private with like-minded loved ones.

If you can't think of a better way to run or serve, get off the stage.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect a trillion dollars.

We the People, We the Women People, We the Men People, and All in between, are waiting.

Hugs & Blessings,





Katara Moon

Katara Moon is the pen name of artist Debora Whitehouse. She was born in Colorado Springs in 1951.
After a 30-year career in the arts (including a BFA, years of staff and freelance work in New York and Los Angeles) she left the Arts field due to severe fibromyalgia.
Now residing in Arizona, she prefers writing humorous musings about art, illness and everything under the Goddess. Current attacks on Women's Rights in the US, however, have urged her to stretch her feminist/protest muscles to enter the fray. Send her and the women of America your blessings.
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