The Virgin and the Baths

by Sue Oxley

Lourdes grotto © José Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro / CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia CommonsLourdes is a very complicated place. In many ways it is the Glastonbury of France, in that the veils are so thin there that it's not surprising it's the most famous visionary town in the world. In Lourdes, when you close your eyes, the ease of meditation or prayer is startling. It is like jumping down into a river to reach the Goddess and being carried along towards her on a fast tide. In fact the element of water and its corresponding attributes of love, emotion, healing and rebirth flow through both the story of the visions and the experiences of people today. It allowed me on one special day to feel a really strong confirmation of my priestess role through the element of water, and the healing power of the Virgin.

Lourdes is, in fact, three different places. On the top of the hill above the River Gave is a very smart French town, with a Black Madonna in its spare and beautiful church and a really good market. Between the town and the Domaine – the Virgin's place – is a steep hill which is full of images of the Virgin from the heartbreakingly beautiful to the most dreadful sparkly tat, and lots of other stuff for pilgrims. The hill also has restaurants and bars where the food is shockingly bad for France, except, surprisingly, for the English-run cafe, where lovely pastries and really good tea is served. It always amazes me that the French - people who can produce wonderfully delicious and complicated food - can't make a decent cup of tea. Continue reading "The Virgin and the Baths"

Goddesses of the Seven Rays – An Invocation

by Alex Chaloner



The esoteric philosophy of Helena Blavatsky and Alice A Bailey both advocated the idea of the seven rays. These mysterious rays have been described as “seven great divine Emanations, Aeons or Spirits”1 and “Seven Holy Ones, self-born from the inherent power in the Matrix of Mother Substance.”2 It is said that each ray holds a unique quality which manifests in the universe and throughout all of creation.

Earlier this year my organisation, Goddess Within, produced a ritual performance piece entitled “The Goddess and the Seven Rays”. The aim of the performance was to map the rays to well-documented Goddess archetypes and through their stories come to understand how these ray qualities manifest within human consciousness.

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The Goose, The Crow and The Cross Bones Portal

by John Constable - aka John Crow

Photo on gates shows skull from Cross Bones excavation (photo: Max Reeves)The hermetic teachings comprising The Southwark Mysteries were first revealed to my shamanic familiar John Crow on the night of 23rd November 1996, at Cross Bones Graveyard in south London, by the spirit of The Goose.

Goose, as in Winchester Goose. A medieval whore from the Liberty of the Clink, outside the law of the City of London. Licensed by the church, by the Bishop of Winchester, yet allegedly buried in unconsecrated ground. Her bones unearthed when London Underground dug up Cross Bones, the ancient burial ground for prostitutes and paupers.

Her ‘Secret History’ was revealed in Her astral journeys and conversations with John Crow. The ‘Constable’ part of me was merely a witness and scribe, recording the archaic verses in a form of channelled writing. Yet I also journeyed with them, in body, up Redcross Way to the rusty iron gates of the works depot, where the spirit voices became more insistent:

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