The Rearranging of the ‘Rising’ Sun

The Reclamation of the Sun in the Feminine Circle and Healing from the Phase of Supremacy

by Lauren K. Clark

Woman and SunFor many years the Sun has become symbolic as a beacon of enlightenment and nourishment in various eras and cultures of the ancient world.  The sun was viewed in many areas of the world as the symbol of hope; and as that which would save humanity from the darkness, and all of the evils which were considered to be associated with it.  In various ancient civilizations, (specifically where there was still the stance of the sun as the divine feminine, but with careful analysis can understand the progression of male-centeredness and domination) we are also presented with the sun in the masculine form.

Examining ancient Egypt we are presented with the deity Ra/Re.  In Greece and Rome, we have Apollo. Then let us not forget Mithras of Persia, and Sol Invictus who is also of the Romans.  Throughout our understanding of "pre-historic" feminine, spiritual practices, today's modern servant of the Goddess is highly attuned with the female connection to the Moon.  However, it has become apparent that today, and even in ancient civilizations existing after the era of women-centered societies (all over the world), the sun has become symbolic of masculinity.  Even in this particular form, it has taken on a connotation of supremacy, and the being which is the sole reason for human existence.  Such interpretation of the Sun has even contributed to the establishment of hierarchies in the various communities.  Could it be that as humans we have actually deviated from our natural understanding of the sun in relation to its existence with other planets and beings that exist in the Universe?  In what ways has the Sun lost the archaic, feminine understanding and principles in retrospect to its existence, which accentuates the true meaning of the Circle of Life.

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Moon and Sun/Earth Calendars

By Sheila Rose Bright

Earth, Sun and MoonI cannot let Jacqui Woodward-Smith’s reference to ‘our patriarchal solar calendar’ (GP9, Reviews) pass without comment.  To my mind there is nothing patriarchal about using a solar calendar, only about ignoring the moon.  And you’ve given me the ideal opening to leap up onto several of my favourite soapboxes, Jacqui!

I completely agree that we need to let the moon shine in and on our lives much more.  A month is, for me, a perfect length of time to acknowledge and work with one cycle of new, waxing, full, waning, dark and new again in my life.  I consciously attune my physical and spiritual life to the moon’s phases, taking the opportunity to reflect upon what new seeds/beginnings I want to sow, what growth to nurture in my life, what fullness to celebrate and what to empower, what to turn away from or let die, what to cut and end, what I want to return to and resurrect.

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