Celebrating the Triple Spiral: a PaGaian Cosmology

by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

Newgrange Triple SpiralThe Triple Spiral of ‘Newgrange’ – as the place is commonly known – in Ireland, is just one motif amongst a whole collection of art that represents the first major Western European art tradition since the Ice Age.1

The significance of this collection has been largely unrecognised, because its context of megalithic mounds spread over an area has not been understood. This complex art collection is engraved on stones throughout the large stone structures that are dated between 3200 and 3700 B.C.E. - which places these mounds among the world’s oldest remaining buildings2. The Triple Spiral then is an ancient highly abstract visual design, left by the ancestors of this place, in a context whose meaning is still being unravelled and contemplated.

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