Every Woman a Priestess

by Alex Chaloner

Aegeus consults the Pythia - open source image, WikipediaThere have always been Priestesses. A Priestess is one who serves. In Goddess Spirituality, very simply put, a Priestess is one who serves the Goddess.

In ancient times Priestesses had roles to fill. They were temple keepers, they dressed the deities within those temples; an act of dressing the Goddess herself. They were healers, seers and oracles, passing on inspiration and insight from the deity they served and acting as their earthly representatives. The most famous of these Oracles was the Pythia, the name given to the Delphic Oracle at the temple of Apollo in Greece.

Today’s Priestesses aren't so different. We still fulfil all of the roles mentioned above and much more. Today we are also mothers, teachers, partners, bread-winners, political activists and champions of women’s rights. As chameleon mistresses of change and adaptation the modern Priestess, like the Goddess, has many names and many faces.

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