Ix Chel in my Window

by Annelinde Metzner

Ix Chel - © Katherine Skaggs, www.katherineskaggs.com

Goddess of the Moon! Ix Chel,
translucent and ever-changing weaver woman,
creator, destroyer, healer,
Lady Rainbow,
sleek jaguar of stealth and grace,
how you awaken me each morning!
Long before the sun's rise, now in early Spring,
you are there, Ix Chel, in my window,
sparkling bright mystery upon my sleepy eyelids.
I pull the blankets up to my eyes, and give gratitude,
oh most lovely Woman of the Isle of Women!
Before the day begins, you awaken me tenderly,
fresh from dreams, half asleep.
"Remember me! I pass here each night,
I touch your forehead with my luminous beauty,
I bless you, I reach for you,
I am Ix Chel, your sister,
gracing you once more
with my lightest spark of transformation
and truth. I only ask
that you receive me gladly."

Annelinde Metzner
March 21, 2014

Ix Chel - girls throwing petals. © Michael and Jennifer Lewis, www.mandjphoto.com

Marija Makeska

Marija Makeska is a filmmaker, writer and an artist working with pagan, spiritual and gothic themes. She enjoys friendships with people from many different cultures. Her publishing credits for 2013 alone include: "A Hymn to the Sun" - Paganpoet.com, 6 poems for the summer and fall issues of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, and "The Quiet Fire" For the Northern Cardinal Review.  Marija is a writer for "The Spread", a UK online magazine for a non-profit film organization called CinemaJam.

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