MAKA INA, Upon Sacred Ground

By Roslyne Sophia Breillat

Birth of Earth, by Roslyne Sophia BreillatShe has many names in many tribes and many cultures, she is One and yet she is within all. In Australian Indigenous tribes she is Kuturu, heart, spirit of the Earth. In Incan mythology, Pachamama. In Northern Native American cultures, Maka Ina, Mother Earth. Her blades of grass seek the Sun’s warmth through narrow cracks in the cold hard world of concrete. Her tiny birds sing their sweet songs in the filthy gutters and gloomy alleys of elegant society. She flowers, she blooms, she flows, she grows, her vines entwined beneath spreading piles of stinking rubble and polluted chemical skies.

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New Orleans: A Sacred Place of Goddess Struggles to Survive Our Arrogance

by Rev. Karen Tate

In the last few months the world was reminded once again how the arrogance of humankind is destroying families, communities and Mother Earth.

We now know Hurricane Katrina was not the reason for the demise of New Orleans.  It was the failure of humans to preserve or restore the wetlands that act as a natural buffer for the cities that lie beyond.  It was the greed of over-development in areas never intended to sustain housing.  It was the incompetence of the Corps of Engineers who built substandard levees to protect people and the city.  And it was and is the short-sightedness and ineptitude of callous and corrupt government and elected officials who have forgotten they serve the people.   Post Katrina, it is business as usual on these same fronts, only the light has been shed on where to place some of the blame.  And two years later, the carpet baggers are once again set loose upon the city whose spirit could once be summed up in the phrase, joie de vivre, or the joy of life.

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