The Goddesses of Time

by Sue Oxley

sweet peaThe beauty of nature is in the circles She creates, the spinning of the galaxies and the twining of the sweet pea, the turning of the seasons and the circle of our lives.  'Nature hates a straight line' my grandmother used to say, 'probably even more than a full-stop'.

Let's dance and move through the Circle of the Goddesses of Time, thinking about the shining reality of each while leaving behind Her clothes, sorting out what is real and valid and what is shimmering mist, as the circle twirls around us.

Persephone, the Child that sings in the meadow, that rolls down the hills through the flowers, that leaves behind the Mother and yet comes back at night when the dark is frightening.  Remember the wonder of moving so easily that it is like jumping on the moon, think of the loveliness of no worry, no knowledge of evil and hate, with just the dark to fear.

We pick up the Joy and leave behind the carelessness as we move to Artemis, while shouldering our fear of being alone, of having no apron to hide behind.

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Demeter’s Story of Spring

girl with daffodilMy body struggles to unfreeze from the frozen wastelands of winter, as the snowdrops open fully to the still-freezing north winds.

I drag myself around from the drained exhaustion of all that happened, as the nights slowly open their dark arms to greet the light.

Moments of emerging happiness begin to feel possible … for She has returned, my dearest Daughter Persephone, and her heart is opening once more, to Life, to Love, to me, Her Adopted Mother Demeter.

The first narcissus shows its tiny yellow head.

Spring may be here soon.

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The Chronicles of Baubo Biggins

as told to Katara Moon

BautoHello Sweeties,
Baubo Biggins here.

I send this missive to you after being inspired by Karen Tate's lovely book Walking An Ancient Path. My memory was jogged and two tales of epiphany came spilling back which I have vowed to share with you one and all.

A bit of background must be indulged - how did Baubo Biggins become my alter ego, muse, guardian Goddess, et al?  "Oh", I hear you say, "She has taken her name from an adventure series known to millions".  But no ... you'd be wrong.  Baubo is a Goddess.  A Greek Goddess.  One who saved us all from freezing our asses off.

And Biggins?  Well Biggins speak for themselves. "Oh no", I hear you say, "She is going to make them talk".  But No. I thought about that briefly.  And well ... that would be tacky.  Even Baubo has certain standards.

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