The Chronicles of Baubo Biggins

as told to Katara Moon

BautoHello Sweeties,
Baubo Biggins here.

I send this missive to you after being inspired by Karen Tate's lovely book Walking An Ancient Path. My memory was jogged and two tales of epiphany came spilling back which I have vowed to share with you one and all.

A bit of background must be indulged - how did Baubo Biggins become my alter ego, muse, guardian Goddess, et al?  "Oh", I hear you say, "She has taken her name from an adventure series known to millions".  But no ... you'd be wrong.  Baubo is a Goddess.  A Greek Goddess.  One who saved us all from freezing our asses off.

And Biggins?  Well Biggins speak for themselves. "Oh no", I hear you say, "She is going to make them talk".  But No. I thought about that briefly.  And well ... that would be tacky.  Even Baubo has certain standards.

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