West Kennet Long Barrow – Womb of the Goddess

by Peter Knight

West Kennet Long Barrow - photo by Peter KnightMagically standing on a ridge just south of Avebury, West Kennet Long Barrow is one of the most magnificent and oldest of Wiltshire’s ancient monuments. Archaeologist Aubrey Burl described the site as, ‘… the finest megalithic tomb in England and Wales…’ and as such it is included in the Avebury World Heritage Site.

It is the best preserved, and almost the longest, of all long barrows, comprising hundreds of tons of chalk and earth in a 100m long mound, plus a passage and five atmospheric chambers at the east end, guarded by large sarsen stones. The whole monument was designed to impress from the outside, and to transform once within. Continue reading "West Kennet Long Barrow – Womb of the Goddess"

Silbury Hill Cover Photo

Silbury Hill, by Peter Greenhalf

The haunting image on the front page was donated by Peter Greenhalf, an award-winning landscape photographer based on the Sussex coast. He has been interested in Britain’s ancient and sacred sites since childhood and has travelled across the country from Cornwall to Scotland in pursuit of images which he hopes will evoke the spirit of the place for others. He is presently in the process of establishing a library of images devoted to sacred and magical places ...and people. See the website at http://www.greenhalfphotography.co.uk/.