The Path to Avalon – An Inner Journey for Samhain

By Laura Nutley (Cariad)

Mists of AvalonAs many of us know, Samhain, or Calan Gaeaf (the Welsh name for the sabbat) is a time of introspection and self examination. At this time of year the path to Avalon takes on a particular resonance through the shared themes of transformation, regeneration and inspiration.

I have been drawn to the Avalonian tradition for some time and am fortunate enough to live near Glastonbury, which has been a place of pilgrimage for me for many years. Glastonbury is widely believed to be the physical world’s representation of Avalon. A portal to a place of many names: the Isle of Women and the Isle of the Dead. It is also a gateway to Annwn, the Otherworld of Welsh mythology: a place where two realities co-exist side by side and where the energies of Avalon permeate the landscape and touch those who visit there. Glastonbury, and all that is associated with it, is therefore especially relevant to this time of year and the festival of Samhain. The themes of thresholds to be faced and traversed and of regenerating yourself for the year to come through inner transformation are inextricably woven into both.

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