Thoughts on importing Celtic Goddesses into the Southern Hemisphere

by Jill Smith

Brighde of the Elements, by Jill SmithA point which Geraldine brought up in Issue 7 gave me much food for thought. She expressed concern about importing Celtic Goddesses into lands in the Southern Hemisphere, if this is indeed happening.

This is a topic which has long bothered me, but with an even broader spectrum of concern.

There are many different concepts amongst us of what “Goddess” is; what "a" goddess is; "the" goddess is ...

I do not have “a” goddess like a female version of “God”. My goddesses are pretty well all in some way or other manifestations of the spirit of place. This includes an awful lot: aspects of the seasons - very much related to place, weather, landscape on many levels - the depth and quality of rock and all the ancient and current forces which created it, its earth, its plants, its animals and the quality of life of the people who have grown from and made their living upon it.

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