by Michele Arista

Sophia came by today
I stumbled with my usual awkward words with him
Her tears ever flowing from my eyes
The same eyes I painted on the Holy Mother yesterday

Her Tears remind me of the longing for acceptance, approval from my father
It wasn’t my fault he left
A powerful love appeared
I am no longer that little girl looking up to Daddy

I am his Loving Mother, unconditional love flowing from my eyes
Sophia came by today
She opened my eyes today
The same eyes I painted on the Holy Mother yesterday

©Michele Arista

Michele Arista

Michele Arista holds an MA in Women’s Spirituality from New College of CA. She seeks to recreate images of the Divine Feminine through poetry, art and dance.She is an iconographer of traditional Russian icons and of world Goddess images.She seeks to reinstitute images of the Divine Mother in the Roman Catholic Church.She has also reinterpreted the Hail Mary and rosary for a modern, feminist and scientifically conscious community.Her version of the Hail Mary will be published this fall in the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, edited by Harvard Divinity School.Her painting of“Our Loving Mother” can be seen in the upcoming OCRE Journal sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies.She is an experienced belly dancer and owns and choreographs at Dance International Studio in Manchester, NH.
Michele Arista

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