Sister Song

by Jacqui Woodward-Smith

Spinning in the Wheel of Morgens
Woman, priestess, witch, am I
Hidden secrets now revealing
Wild, unbroken spirits fly

Ancient hearts and primal rhythms
Throbbing drumbeats, crackling fire
Join the Morgens in their circle
Feel them kindle your desire

Heart's true song and soul's deep learning
Secret spells and passions true
Join the Morgens in their circle
Let them weave their song for you

Nine will dance and nine will gather
Crows and tatters touch the sky
Join the Morgens in their circle
Claim your power with crows's wild cry

Spinning in the Wheel of Morgens
Women, priestesses, witches we
Hiden secrets now revealing
Wild unbroken spirits free!

©Jacqui Woodward-Smith


Jacqui Woodward-Smith

Jacqui Woodward-Smith is a Priestess of Avalon, trained in Glastonbury and living in London. She facilitates the group Tribe of Avalon, which meets to connect to and celebrate the ancient British Goddesses through the festivals in the Wheel of the Year and the turning of the moon. She is passionate about connecting to the land as sacred, particularly in London, and about working to heal the wounds to the Sacred Feminine in all of us. She is a writer and a poet and has given many talks in London about the Goddess and the sacred land. She is a director both of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and of the Southwark Mysteries, a community arts organisation which offers creative ways for people to respond and interact with their inner-city environment. She is also a Pagan Prison Chaplain. She can be contacted at
Jacqui Woodward-Smith

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