She stands on the horizon

by Helen Carmichael

Inspired by wind turbines on the beach at Lowestoft

She stands on the horizon
By the sand dunes
tufts of a hag's hair
sprouting above
white sand, dried by winds from
the North Sea

She stands on the horizon
hope for civilization
or blight,
modern construction
lithe limbs trailing
earth, sky and sea

She is a big silver
triskele, pumping
power to the masses
sound like air driven
from a dying
man's lungs


Her three arms
will turn eternal
flailing at the elements
drawing power from them
"take it"
she cries, laughing
"it was always yours!"

©Helen Carmichael


Helen Carmichael

Helen Carmichael is a freelance writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. She has been writing non-fiction articles on science and the environment for both UK and International audiences for over a decade.  She also writes poetry and has a flash fiction memoir, which can be found at:
Helen Carmichael

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