Salmon Skin Soul Magic

by Rachel Mica McCann

SalmonWritten after Carolyn Hillyer brought a salmon skin for us to hold at the Goddess Conference

Salmon skin soul magic is calling me home,
home through whispers of wisdom and
the pulse of my prayers in Her blood.

Salmon skin soul magic is calling me home,
upstream, a leap of faith,
through the rage of rocks on flesh
and the fear of  being pulled under,
stuggling, straining, onward, always
She is calling me home.

Salmon skin soul magic is calling me home,
through the veil of memory and the glimpse of dreams,
through the breath of life and the knowledge She gives.
Home, to the smell of  heather on peat,
to the spiral of smoke as we circle the fire.
Home, to Her heart in the beat of the drum,
to stories told and songs sung,
Home to love and home to peace,
home to beauty and home to grace.

Sacred One, you call me home

Rachel Mica McCann

Rachel Mica McCann is a published poet and writer. This poem was inspired by the Goddess Conference and Carolyn Hillyer's invitation to hold a Salmon skin. Rachel first encountered the wisdom of Salmon whilst working as Co-ordinator of an Outdoor Education Centre which was housed in an ancient salmon fishing station on the Isle of Mull. She recently moved to Glastonbury where she is enjoying living in and learning from the landscape of Avalon. She is a Priestess of Brighid and is passionate about seeing the sacred in everyday moments.

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