Rosie Elflain: Soul Music (CD)

Reviewed by Jacqui Woodward-Smith

“I hear sister crows beside me
and I know they’re singing just for me…”

Rosie began to write songs following her self-initiation as a Priestess of Avalon in 2003 and ‘Soul Music’ is the culmination of that wellspring of creativity. The cover of the CD is adorned with beautiful butterflies in flight and is a perfect symbol of the transformative power that the Goddess can have in our lives, unleashing our creativity and giving us the confidence to share it with others, as Rosie has here.

The CD itself contains seven self-penned songs and features Rosie on vocals and acoustic guitar (with assistance from Steve Hopwood on acoustic and electric guitars and ebow) and very nice it sounds too. The production is kept to a minimum, allowing her sweet voice, reminiscent of Kate Rusby and Kate Nash, to shine through.

All of the songs are rooted in nature, in Avalon, and in the Goddess and I particularly like ‘Crow Woman’, a love song to the Dark Goddess, ‘Shining Moon’, a simply beautiful lullaby to the land, and ‘Hollow Tree’, about a dream of Avalon. The title track, ‘Soul Music’, is a joyful song about the changes that the Goddess can bring, and was performed by Rosie and a group of young people at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in 2006 to riotous applause.

I am already looking forward to Rosie’s next offering but, for now, if you would like to take time out in a busy day to connect with the landscape, and with the simple joys that living a Goddess-centred life can bring, then this is the CD for you!

If you would like a copy (price: £8.50), Rosie can be contacted at 

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Jacqui Woodward-Smith

Jacqui Woodward-Smith is a Priestess of Avalon, trained in Glastonbury and living in London. She facilitates the group Tribe of Avalon, which meets to connect to and celebrate the ancient British Goddesses through the festivals in the Wheel of the Year and the turning of the moon. She is passionate about connecting to the land as sacred, particularly in London, and about working to heal the wounds to the Sacred Feminine in all of us. She is a writer and a poet and has given many talks in London about the Goddess and the sacred land. She is a director both of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and of the Southwark Mysteries, a community arts organisation which offers creative ways for people to respond and interact with their inner-city environment. She is also a Pagan Prison Chaplain. She can be contacted at
Jacqui Woodward-Smith

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