Review: “Healing Through the Goddess”, by Lynne Sedgmore, illustrated by Susie Jones

Reviewed by Geraldine Charles

This anthology of poems and other works expresses Lynne’s own journey round the wheel of the year and her own growth into a Priestess Healer in so many ways – from Beginnings, which describes the feelings and re-membering as everyone comes together for the first time, to the final Invocation, calling in the Motherworld. Between these two are works that both evoke the call of the Goddess and praise Her. In Returning, we see the beauty of Her return to the land:

Our Lady shimmers in the waning of the mist
Revealing Her contours in the land

Later, Lynne shows us the elements through newly-opened eyes: the inspiration of fire, lightness of air, cleansing water and abundance of earth, in a whole series of poems and prayers, including The Lady’s Prayer, a heartfelt Goddess version of the well-known Lord’s prayer.

Throughout the collection are many devotional songs to Goddess in her many aspects, from maiden Bride to a lovely depiction of autumnal Ker:

Ker’s golden tresses of land tumble
into the browning of Autumn Equinox

to a celebratory song of the Crone Circle, its wisdom and deep understanding of necessity.

Aptly illustrated by Susie Jones, this anthology gives us invocations, inspiration and much food for thought on our own journeys to Goddess.

Geraldine Charles

Geraldine is the founder and editor of Goddess Pages. She is also a Priestess of the Goddess, a founder member of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and a former Glastonbury Goddess Conference ceremonialist.
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