by Judith Laura

Two women with a mirror - Orazio GentileschiThe chickens with their throats slit right
across the street were less a blight
than curdling cries for mother’s milk

Your cousins who enjoyed the dance
who let us sway into a trance
while on the wall they sat, they kissed,
they sighed.

A quick goodbye and you flew west
then decades passed our names vanished.
I searched for you while husbands came
and died.

I press the phone against my ear
a stranger’s voice it seems I hear
speakingofthe many times
you tried.

I hold you close, our hug ignites
a potter’s fire, a poet’s delight
cavortinglike a carnival


Judith Laura

Judith Laura is author of three Goddess spirituality books and two novels. The second enlarged edition of her book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century, is Winner of the USA Best Book Award 2009 in the comparative religion category. Her most recent book, Goddess Matters, was reviewed in the Winter 2011 issue of Goddess Pages and has received 2 finalist awards (in Spiritual: General" and "Women's Issues" categories) from the International Book Awards 2012.
Her novel, Beyond All Desiring won three awards. Her Goddess writings have also appeared in the journals WomanSpirit, SageWoman, Broomstick, Matrifocus, and Goddess Pages. Material from her Goddess books has been included in the "Dancing the Goddess Home" ritual of the Goddess 2000 Project, A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual, and the anthologies SageWoman Cauldron, A Pagan's Muse, and Talking to Goddess. Her fiction and poetry have been published in a variety of print and online journals.She blogs as Medusa in info about all this and more at her website,
Judith Laura

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