Prayer to Live with Paradox

by Rose Flint

I want to be young in wonder again,
to hold a single seed to the sky and marvel
that it owns the energy of a star. I want to
be grown big enough for my vast protective arms
to encompass whole rainforest miracles
of tree-dazzle, life-power. I want to be light
as a leaf on the earth. I want to be the weight
that carries promise-flowers to fruit, greens
Darfur to peace and nurtures Lebanon’s vineyards
through all four seasons gift to eye and tongue.

I want to learn the use of grief that honours those
creature-spirits who leave us, that long, on-going
shadow-procession: Nightjar and Loggerhead,
Gold-ringed Tanager, Arabian Gazelle,
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird, howler monkey,
Hyacinth Macaw and salamander, sea mink
forever swimming to horizons beyond the blue -

I want to learn the use of joy in those who stay,
somehow still keeping faith in the family of humankind:
cranes and sweet horses, rainfrogs and mountain lizards,
Bald Eagles, elk and caracal, Mexican Spotted Owls
thriving on the rooftops of Los Alamos, chaffinch
in the lilacs, coyote, otter, Golden Jackal; huge herds
of shining white-eared kob running on the sands
of South Sudan, parakeets thriving wild in London -

So much I want, a whole world I want - yet want
nothing without first serving World’s want and need.

©Rose Flint

Rose Flint

Rose Flint is a Priestess of Avalon, a poet and art therapist. She teaches Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes at Bristol University and works as a writer in healthcare in the hospital and community of Salisbury.
Winner of numerous  awards for poetry including the Cardiff International Poetry Competition, she has four collections. Her first was Blue Horse of Morning (Seren) followed by Firesigns (Poetry Salzburg) which uses the Wheel of the Year to frame poems that move through the brightness and potential of Imbolc, to the fire of Beltane and the thoughtfulness of Lammas into the ancestral places of Samhain, and beyond.
Nekyia (Stride) is an extended meditation on the changes that time makes to a a woman, to a marriage, to land. Taking the form of a quest the poems move through an inner, spiritual journey.
Mother of Pearl (PSAvalon) contains poems in praise of the Goddess, mothers and daughters, witches, healers - and always Grandmother Earth.
Rose Flint

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