by North Wind Woman

I prayed to a God who was just not there, he never ever listened, he simply didn’t care
I searched and I studied, but I found him not, in dry dusty pages that I soon forgot

I listened to others, who claimed they knew, he really existed, could this be true?
For me he was nowhere, the truth was plain, I didn’t matter, I had no name

I walked in the moonlight, heard the North Wind blow, who could I turn to, where could I go?
For me there was no God at my side, I filled up the seas with the tears I cried

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She changes everything She touches…

West Kennet Avenue, from Waden Hill, Avebury, photo: Geraldine Charles
West Kennet Avenue, from Waden Hill, Avebury

Wishing everyone a wonderful Lammas!  I was in Avebury last week: for me, the perfect place to celebrate.  Even though Britain has seemed a little less "green and pleasant" because of the unusually warm weather, it was still great to see the wheat and barley ripe and ready for harvest in the fields around the Avebury henge, West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill, to mention but a few amazing places to visit there. 

Some excellent news for Goddess Alive! readers: I looked after the website for years and when Cheryl Straffon, the founding editor, retired I couldn't bear the thought of all that content vanishing.  I wasn't sure if I had the technical ability to pull all the information into a separate website within Goddess Pages, but it seems to have worked and you can now find all the wonderful material published in GA! by clicking here. There may be teething troubles, don't hesitate to let me know if you find a link that doesn't work or any other problem.

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With many blessings
Geraldine Charles

She Speaks through the Trees: the relationship between the Goddess, the trees and the witches

by Theresa C. Dintino


We spend much of our time listening to the trees.

We are a collective of diviners, we call ourselves Strega Tree. We are medicine people, Goddess devotees from many traditions and backgrounds but we spend much of our time out in the wild listening to the trees.

The trees are teaching us and guiding us how to walk the path: the path of our ancient foremothers, the path of truth.

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Forty Shades of Magic: A hitchhiker’s guide to some of Ireland’s Ancient Stones and Whispers: Part One

by Jim Malachi


Healy Pass
Healy Pass

On the evening of February 12th, 2006, I conducted a shamanic drumming ceremony in honor of the Imbolc Full Moon. Imbolc, the Celtic Cross Quarter Festival, celebrates the end of Winter and the first signs of Spring's emerging life force. It is personified by the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. The Willow, one of the trees of Imbolc, is associated with the Moon, water and deep feelings. I wove several wreaths out of willow whips and gave them to friends. I also constructed a small "nest" out of the whips for a "swan gourd" which had darkened as it dried and which I had recently decorated in honor of The Faery Queen Morgan le Fay.

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Reclaiming Our Healing Sacred Feminine Rituals

by Seren Bertrand, Co-founder and Creative Director at The Fountain of Life

"Sacred Pleasure", by Natvienna Hannel
"Sacred Pleasure", by Natvienna Hannel

Can you feel something shifting in the collective consciousness?

We are in the middle of an incredible renaissance of feminine wisdom.

Looking around, it becomes clear that this wisdom is downloading into our consciousness on an unprecedented scale, calling women back to their sacred center: their Womb, the seat of the feminine power of creative manifestation.

For too long the feminine wisdom ways have been forgotten, buried, destroyed. The self-care rituals and feminine pathway initiations have been discarded by a culture that has sought to devalue and destroy the very power that birthed it.

The sacred traditions of our distant ancestors, which taught how to nurture, care for, protect and awaken the Womb, are no longer passed to us at Menarche.

Instead, most young girls have been taught to block the descending flow of their menstruating Wombs with tampons and commercial pads, to numb out any pain with chemicals, to practice a ‘feminine hygiene’ that is fear of the wild feminine essence dressed up as cleanliness, with our power and intuition sanitized too.

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Bristol Goddess Temple: birth and growth

Weavers of Bristol Goddess Temple, Imbolc 2018: Nikki Haasz,  Dawn Osborne-Tiller, Ruth Cogan, Ruth Parham, Nikki Swann
Weavers of Bristol Goddess Temple, Imbolc 2018: Nikki Haasz, Dawn Osborne-Tiller, Ruth Cogan, Ruth Parham, Nikki Swann

The Bristol Goddess Temple opened its doors to the public for the first time on 5th August 2017. That day saw the birth into the world of a vision that had been cherished in the creative cauldron for several years – a birth that finally became possible when a room came up for rent in the Clocktower Association, a community space in Warmley on the eastern edge of Bristol. The Clocktower was already the home of a women's free-flow drumming circle and a monthly Moonlodge Red Tent held by Nikki Swann. Nikki gathered around her a small group of people who felt the call to help bring this vision into the light, and together we took a big leap of faith.

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Grandmother Speaks… The Cervix: Part One

by Susun Weed

Tor tower as gateway

I am the gateway; I am the door. I connect the inside to the outside. I decide which outside comes in. I control the flux and the flow. I hold the wise blood, or let it go. I protect the growing babe, or thrust it unformed into a world unsuitable. None leave, none enter, except by my grace, my decision. I am the passage of birth. I am the mark of the sun. I am as near as the reach of your finger, yet mysterious and hidden. Many women, most men, born through me, go their whole life without gazing upon me.

I offer blood to Mother Earth. I spin stretchy strings of fertile mucus to Grandmother Moon. I am as sensitive as the best hound’s nose, as authoritative as the wisest crone. I am not, and have never been, innocent. I am all seeing, though darkness is my constant companion, and my eye but single. (How curious that women in India believe I have two eyes.)

I know how to be firm and potent, how to stand strong against those who would storm my portal. I know how to be loose and soft, how to welcome those who bring future’s hope. I know how to efface myself and withdraw, making way, stretching myself to the utmost, opening wide in sweet surrender.

I pulse within you. I am your cervix, the mouth of your womb.

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