WES: The Future

by Alison Sutton

WES GroupThe Wiccan Educational Society (WES) was founded in Massachusetts in 2000 by Heidi Couture. It now goes into its ninth year of existence as its membership broadens and it continues its journey of evolution.

As we walk our path new experiences come along, and we meet new people along the way. If our approach is open-eyed and open-hearted we embrace change, and flow with our personal and spiritual growth. Continue reading "WES: The Future"

The Last Dragon in Wales was killed in Newcastle Emlyn …

baby dragonLong ago, the townsfolk were gathered for the annual fair at the foot of the hill behind the castle of this small market town. Drovers with horses, cattle, pigs and sheep. Flower girls with baskets, milkmaids with churns. Tailors, butchers and bakers with stalls. Children taking apples from the old women’s fruit tables. Jugglers, fiddlers and clog dancers with music and song.

They drank ale, picnicked and some cooled off in the hot sun by splashing in the glistening waters of the surrounding river Teifi and its cascading white water weir. Suddenly, a dark shadow came overhead and with it a strange noise ... loud and roaring, like a wild fire on the rampage. The people looked up above the castle. Some froze in fear, and others quaked in their leather boots and wooden clogs. For there in the sky above them was an enormous winged serpent ... a dragon ... circling down towards them.

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Some Goddesses and Ideas for Spring

by Barbara Ardinger


The Tyche (Fortune) of Antioch – Roman copy of Greek bronze original, public domain imageThe wheel of fortune isn’t just a TV show or a gambling device. Fortuna is another of those early Roman civic goddesses. Her statues show her holding an overflowing cornucopia in one hand and a ship’s rudder in her other hand. Beside her stands her wheel, a multivalent symbol that we see in mandalas, the wheel of the year, the zodiac, and the rose windows of Gothic cathedrals. Although Fortuna is sometimes blindfolded, she’s not just “Lady Luck.” Her name originally meant “she who brings,” and what she brings is what happens in our lives. She steers our fate with her rudder, and her cornucopia shows that she can bring us wealth. What she brings in early spring is fertility—crops, animals, humans. The Greeks called her Tyche, the Anglo-Saxons called her Wyrd, and in the medieval Christian church she was known as St. Agatha. Continue reading "Some Goddesses and Ideas for Spring"

Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine

By Victoria Christian

"Kwan Yin", by Theresa SharrarThe rise in the United States in recent years of feminist religious movements that focus on female images of the divine Goddess suggests that many women, in addition to men, find goddess symbolism to be appealing.

Many feminist artists, too, claim to have found inspiration in goddesses and goddess symbolism as they provoke reminiscent feelings of a distant past—a vague, yet familiar reality lost to westerners. Feminist critiques of religion and some postmodernists have taken issue with traditional images of God, arguing that male hegemony in Western cultures can be correlated directly with the centrality of a single, all-powerful male god in the dominant strands of the predominately Jewish and Christian religious heritage of Europe and the United States. Many would argue further that given this situation, it is important for women as well as for men with feminist goals to recover or create empowering female symbols to help combat the ones that support patriarchy and the denial of the feminine principle.

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Armor of the Witch

Armor of the Witch

This night I gird myself with the Triple Powers,
Invocation of Deities, Attunement with the Spirits,
And Reverence to my Ancestors of Blood, Spirit and the Ways.

This night I gird myself with the Power of the Cauldron,
The Strength of my Hearth Stone,
And the whole company of my Lady's Kin.

This night I gird myself with the Powers of the Old Ones,
The Old Ways and the Mysteries.

This night I gird myself
With the loving blessings of my Ancestors, the Wisdom of the Wise,
Courage of the Strong, Innocence of the Young,
Deeds of the Heroines and the Powers of the Noble Ones.

This night I gird myself with the Power of the Heavens,
Light of Sun, Brilliance of Moon, Splendor of Fire,
Speed of Lightening, Swiftness of Wind, Depths of Sea,
Firmness of Earth and the Serpent Power below the Earth.

This night I gird myself with My Lady's Power to direct me,
Her eyes to look after me, Her ears to hear for me,
Her voice to clarify for me, Her Protection To guard me,
Her hand to guide me, Her shield to ward me,
Her Path open before me and Her blessings to keep me.

I summon these Powers to be in and upon me,
To make me equal to any challenge that presents.
I summon Her Magick within me,
Magick on my right hand,  Magick behind me,
Magick on my left hand,  Magick before me,
Magick above me,  Magick beneath me.

It shall be so that I always have the Wisdom of the Wise,
The Love of the Loving and Power of the Powerful.
And it shall be so that I am known in all the Realms
And acknowledged with Honor,
For I am one of Her especial breed,
Pythia Hecateira, Priestess of Hekate,
Guardian of the Cauldron, Keeper of Stones,
Weaver of Threads, Caster of Spells.**
Know me as Witch and Priestess.
In the Eyes of all Beholders, In the Ears of all who Hear,
In the Mouth of every Speaker, In the Heart of all Beings,
My Magick and My Path are established!

Author unknown, adaptation by E A Kaufman

** Insert your own name and titles/attributes here

An Abundance of Greens

by Susun S Weed

peachesI didn’t lose it all in the recent USA downturn, but, like many others, I watched my material wealth shrink this past year. Am I worthless because I’m worth less? Of course not. I’m worthwhile, no matter what I’m worth financially. Having less money doesn’t have to mean having less joy or less abundance. I didn’t lose my job – since I am self-employed, I know I won’t be laid off – but work has slowed down, giving me time to appreciate the many ways abundance pops up in my life.

An abundance of things is not fulfilling or satisfying. Having many things can be a burden. It takes time to care for them, leaving less time to enjoy them. Things can be lost, stolen, or broken, giving rise to anxiety about loss. To find abundance, give something away. Trust that the empty hand will be filled. Continue reading "An Abundance of Greens"