Not Right: Part 1

The Modern Failure to Recognise the Iconology of the Palaeolithic Female Figures and Figurines, Viewed in the Light of Insanity

by Michael Bland


A search of the internet for ‘the nature of language’ or ‘the nature of consciousness’ reveals a somewhat paradoxical fluency: commonplace concepts of familiar realities are confidently and more-or-less deftly handled, albeit that (apparently) we do not even begin to properly understand the nature of what is conceived of.

The present article allows that language is a double-edged means: it has a communicable effect – naturally – that can cut both ways. And if that’s the case now, then long must it have been so.

I believe, moreover, that the resolution of the paradox of self-deception is a prerequisite for the reconciliation of art and science. The project of this article is to prepare the way, publicly, for both.

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Queen Bee

Queen Bee, by Angie BowenThe cover art for this issue was donated by Angie Bowen, who writes:

"I'm a 30 year old Dianic Witch living in the mountains of Colorado. I've been seriously pursuing art for about 3 years now though it's been a passion of mine for ages. Art is a very spiritual practice for me and much of my art is either Goddess or woman centered, often both. You can see more of my work at

Mythology, Menstruation and the Land of Milk and Honey

By André Zsigmond

The Promised Land?

A prisoner of conscience at the age of 18 - escaping from communist Hungary in 1981 - searching for the “truth”, I immersed myself in religious studies in England. During communism the study of religion and the Scriptures  was actively discouraged - it seemed ‘obvious’ therefore that they would have all the answers. Needless to say, the Bible only raised even more questions.

I first became aware of the personal, cultural and religious significance of menstruation during my post-graduate research of the origins of male circumcision. Among other theories, the term “menstruation envy” – men’s desire to equal and imitate menstruation, creating parallel menstrual rituals - were suggested in studies of different cultures all over the world. (But this is a theme for another article.)

This revelation was the opening to me to search for, and discover the Goddess.

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Women’s Spirituality – Ushering in the Sacred Feminine

From an address on the future of Goddess Spirituality in Australia given by Shekhinah Morgan at the opening of the 'Goddess In Australia' Conference 2006*– ‘Women Remembering'

The Cyclical Nature of Life

Because I’m a woman and my body has taught Sunrise over the Pacificme this, I take the view that life on this planet moves in cycles. There are Lunar cycles, Solar cycles and cycles that take thousands of years. We have our own personal development cycles and we are also always involved with the collective cycle.In modern Western culture, I believe, we are at a stage in the present cycle where weare once again ushering in the Sacred Feminine. In a culture where spirituality (if it’s considered at all) is still only equated with masculine values, we are being asked to be the birth canal for Women’s Spirituality in this country.

To me, spirituality is about wholeness/holiness/alignment in the emotional, intellectual, psychic and physical self. And Women’s Spirituality is that which comes of being within the body of a woman. It values life, creativity, empathy, receptivity, diversity and the natural cycles that ensure constant change. It values the ordinary daily rhythms of living. Above all, as with the nature of a woman’s body, the most valued and important focal point, the source of all power and life, is hidden deep within. For this very reason Women’s Spirituality brings a totally different perspective from that of all the mainstream spiritualities. As women, we need to reclaim what has always been our birthright - our own spirituality. As we reclaim this we can envision a world where we bring a way of being that redresses the balance in a very out of balance world.

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Matriarchal Spirituality, Past and Present

by Heide Goettner-Abendroth


The meaning of “matri-archy”

Non-patriarchal societies have different social structures than patriarchal ones; these structures distinguished by certain characteristics that are called “matriarchal”. In no way do they validate the common misapprehension that women have the last word in matriarchies, or that they rule over others. No serious researcher has ever expressed anything like this. Instead, these prejudices reflect the unexamined assumption that matriarchal societies would be organised just like patriarchal ones, but with women, instead of men, in the central roles.

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Heart of the Dragon: A living spiritual Herstory festival in rural West Wales

fire dragonHeart of the Dragon came from my heart’s whisperings and deepest political and spiritual beliefs.  If it helps towards our collective understanding of what we Goddessy people are attempting to do and why, then I shall be glad.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.  Oh - you should know: I am a storyteller.

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The Art of Searching for the Goddess

By Suzanne Cheryl Gardner

Gaia, by Suzanne Cheryl GardnerWhy am I here?  What am I doing with my life?  What is the purpose of life? These were all questions that led me to search for the Goddess, or what I would later discover to be “The Great Mother” who began to call to me through my art.  Additionally, the message that I was to nurture my feminine side more came to me through psychic readings, spiritual counseling, books, and articles I found interest in.  Then I began to ask myself, “What IS my feminine side, and what is the meaning of this thing called Goddess?”

My search for the history of the Goddess had begun.

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