About Goddess Icon Spirit Banners

by Lydia Ruyle

Goddess Spirit Banners at EphesusGoddess Icon Spirit Banners are sacred images of the divine feminine from the many cultures of the world. Each image was created and revered at some time in human history. Life is about connections between humans, the world of nature and the world of the spirit. Icons connect to the deep soul expression of the divine mystery of life.

The Ancient Mothers called me to bring their images and stories to consciousness using my gift which is art. Over the years my creative path of study, teaching and doing art led to creating icons of the Goddess.

The first banners were created for an exhibition at the Celsus Library in Ephesus, Turkey in 1995. Since then, the banners have grown from eighteen to over 210. They fly at sacred sites to empower, teach and share their stories around the globe. They hang in museums, colleges, kindergartens, temples, golf courses, conference halls, stone circles, hotels, studios, palapas, and a woman’s prison.

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The Standstill Gallery

Jill Smith's recent sequence of pictures: The Moon and the Mountain - the Standstill Journey, inspired by the 1987 lunar standstill were exhibited in the summer of 2006 at the An Lanntair Arts Centre, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, and at the Calanais Visitor Centre, Isle of Lewis. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions and don't forget to visit Jill's own website (where you can buy originals and see much more of her work). The final picture in the sequence refers to plans to build a huge windfarm on Lewis which would be a bit of a disaster for the local environment and also the beauty of the place. Continue reading "The Standstill Gallery"

The Goddess in the fast lane

by Helen Carmichael

The first time our fingers touched it was like butterflies – profound. I was busy crawling towards something, a new job…or something irretrievably forgotten on the shopping list in my jacket pocket in the lockers that sweat behind the fake palm trees near the lifeguard.

And she came through. Feet churning, hips like a belly dancer, face alabaster, a trail of flames for hair and bubbles streaming from her mouth – five beautiful elements in the fast lane. I was disconcerted, floundering slightly and swallowed a little chlorinated water, enhanced with the sweat of my community and the faint odour of cheap perfume perpetrated by a plump lady keeping her chin well above water to safeguard her permanent wave. I’m always impressed by anyone who puts on mascara before entering the water.

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Brighid the Mother

by Claire Hamilton

My festival is Imbolc ‘in womb’ time, so besides being the Maiden, I am also the Mother who bears the burden of the coming spring.

This is my lineage. I am the daughter of the Dagda, the Good God, king of the Tuatha de Danaan, the faerie people. With them I came, blown in a magic mist across the sea to Erin . But the mist was the far-furled smoke of our ships as we burned them on the western shores of Connemara . For we pledged ourselves to that land and swore we would never turn our faces towards the sea again. And so we shared that land with the Fomorians, the ancient giant race who lived there.

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Mermaid 1

Mermaid 1 by Elizabeth HazelElizabeth Hazel is a professional astrologer, tarotist, author of "Tarot Decoded" (Weiser) and columnist. She writes "Astro-Spell" for newWitch Magazine, "StarCrypt" for Mysteries Magazine, and "Third Rock Almanac" weekly horoscope for newspapers. Liz is hoping to have copies of her Vala Tarot available sometime this year. Images of this tarot deck, other art work, and contact info are available at  http://kozmic-kitchen.com.