Issue 28

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Issue 28, Winter 2015/Spring 2016



by Anya Heller

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  Articles & Fiction

Healing sweets: herbal honeys, syrups and cough drops - Part 1

by Susun S Weed


honey & chamomile Honey has been regarded as a healing substance for thousands of years. Greek healers relied on honey water, vinegar water, and honey/vinegar water as their primary cures. An Egyptian medical text dated to about 2600 BCE mentions honey 500 times in 900 remedies. What makes honey so special?

First, honey is antibacterial. It counters infections on the skin, in the intestines, in the respiratory system, or throughout the body.

Second, honey is hydroscopic, a long word meaning "water loving". Honey holds moisture in the place where it is put; it can even draw moisture out of the air. A honey facial leaves skin smooth and deliciously moist. These two qualities - anti-infective and hydroscopic - make honey an ideal healer of wounds of all kinds, including burns, bruises and decubita (skin ulcers), an amazing soother for sore throats, a powerful ally against bacterial diarrhea, and a counter to asthma. (read more...)

by Marcia Tucker

"Crones Chorus Line" From left: Pam Schmidt, Shari Yetto, Debbie "Nanny Og" Lodge, Leela Patterson, Anne Pelloth, Bonnie McKinney-Moss, Marcia Tucker

Opening Ritual. Allison calls together the flotsam gathering of royal blue-adorned women on the patio of the main hall at Piersol Group Camp at Meeman-Shelby State Forest outside of Memphis, Tennessee.  The outline forms an amoeboid shape, prompting the traditional singing of Trudy's famous “We are a polygon, within a polygon, and we go on and on... and on and on and on...” (Sung to the common chant “We are a Circle”.)  This is Daughters of the Moon, 2014.

On Saturday, a collective of women gather in one of the Triangle rooms, spilling out onto the patio in a randomly wandering circle.  It's another amoeboid shape, but a very different one.  We sit facing outward instead, and each of us holds a scarf and a pillow.  Rootz gently guides us into a place of safety, leading each to turn and face the woman beside her to whisper the assurance: “You are safe here.”  Then to the other side... and we rest in that safe space.  Pillows become a manifestation of our younger selves, a baby girl, toddler, elementary schooler, teenager, young woman.  As directed, I and the others wrap our scarves around the pillows, symbolically wrapping our Inner Girl in care and love. (read more...)

by Isabella Lazlo


Pussy Riot at Lobnoye Meston on Red Square in Moscow
Pussy Riot at Lobnoye Mesto on Red Square in Moscow
Photo: Denis Bocharev

We are living in incredible times, when a new wave is surging, washing over and through the old paradigm. No area of life is left untouched. Rising within this wave is the voice of the feminine, that which has been quieted, shut down and ignored is now awakening. Rumblings from the belly of the Earth mother herself, calling us to stand up and speak from our hearts. Within this rise of the feminine which can be seen through the numerous and inspiring projects emerging all over this beautiful planet, is the voice of woman. Women are rising, remembering our sacred innate connection to the Earth, reclaiming our shared voice and power as we gather in circles, round fires, in fields, woods, village halls and sitting rooms. (read more...)

by Nicole Schwab


Temple of Athena Pronoia in Delphi
Temple of Athena Pronoia in Delphi. Photo: Peter Maerky

There I stood before the Goddess. As her timeless gaze fell upon me, I shuddered. She was a pure combination of power and gentleness. At once fierce warrior, undefeated, and gentle guardian, bestowing her love and wisdom upon her people. Beyond anything else, in that instant, I realized I was receiving an image of the feminine I had forgotten existed.

As I stared up at the monumental bronze statue, crafted by blessed hands more than two thousand years ago, I wondered what our lives would have been like if we too, as a civilization, had grown up to cherish and worship such an image of woman. Strong and courageous, intelligent and wise, protectress of arts and science, crafts and inspiration… she embodied the fierce strength of nature, the utmost refinement of the mind, and the all-seeing wisdom of an open heart. All in one being. Whole. (read more...)

by Mari P. Ziolkowski

KaliYou the one who Opens Hearts.  You who defy this westerner’s preconceived ideas and bring me to the ground in surrender, time after time.  Heart opening, tears flowing.  You the dark one, Kali awesome power.  

You who are the creator of worlds – whether through lovemaking with Shiva, or through menstruation – you the Cosmic Creatrix, Black Time, Mother of Worlds, Dark Mother, Dark Matter.  From whom all is breathed out, and to whom all returns.

You who slay the demons of oppression, greed and war on the planet when no one else can, in consort with your sister warrior goddess Durga.  You who lick up the blood of demons to stop them from multiplying.  You who shake the worlds with your bloodlust dance until you recognize your lover Shiva laying on the ground, and invite him to play with you. (read more...)


by Carolyn Lee Boyd

EarthIn the garden of She Who Creates, tucked into a very remote corner, grows a small, water-blue planet whose inhabitants call it “Earth.” The soil is rich but most of what grows there appears on the surface to be only straggly stems fighting each other for a place near the dim light. But yet, somehow the most spectacular blooms emerge from the planet by the billions every day.

She Who Creates has planted Earth’s patch of the garden so that the breeze will catch its blossoms and carry them to the farthest reaches of all that is. “Like seeds on the wind,” she whispers as a cloud of them rises from the Earth to make their way across the cosmos.

Everyone elsewhere in the universe waits anxiously for Earth’s exquisite blossoms to drift for eons to come to their planet. When each one lands, it is enshrined and lovingly cared for, each drop of sap savored, every molecule doled out so that it will do the most good. (read more...)


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