Gwen Davies’ Lunar Calendar 2009

Reviewed by Geraldine Charles

The Hare, by Gwen DaviesI have here a wonderful, exuberant wall calendar for 2009, and can hardly wait until then to put it on the wall.  Really, the pictures on line don’t, and can’t do it justice – what I have looks hand-made, with glowing colours and flowers almost jumping off the page.  It’s practical, as well, with all the moon phases shown, plus the year’s festivals and even weekends marked in.  I’ve often found lunar calendars difficult to follow with my left-brain bias but this one is very usable and has enough space to mark extra events.

Instead of a photo of the calendar I’ve added here a picture of Gwen’s irresistible Hare– and never mind the season!

I was lucky enough to bump into Gwen at the Gaia-Fortuna Convention in London last September – she told me that she wanted to design her own, lunar calendar with lots of colour as she was disappointed by some of the rather dark ones on the market – and added the festivals as they “creep up” on her!  I think we all know that feeling, and it certainly does help to see the festivals in the context of the full year.

What the heck!  I will put up the calendar right now. And I hope Gwen will let us have some more pictures to publish in Goddess Pages soon.

If you’d like to see more of Gwen’s work, her website is

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