Gromer Somer Joure – a modern riddle

by Geraldine Charles

It’s not a name means much to anyone, these days
But if you’d been a full fine chivalrous knight
of good intent, to rescue maidens fair (then have your way)
this man of summer’s day might give you pause –

He’s not much challenge of himself, you understand.
Equipped and armed of course, but not to fight,
except that for a twelvemonth you must quit his land
and then return – unarmed as new-born lamb from woolly womb.

The real calamity not your unprotected state
of course, you’re beautifully trained in all the manly arts.
No, it’s the poser you must answer straight:
“What is it that a woman wants in all the world?”

They never learn, Freud asked the question too.
For centuries they’ve puzzled now, in fits and starts.
You’ve only got a year.  What can you do?
The clever knight asks women – first ones and then in crowds

That most have no idea shouldn’t really vex
our gentle knight; not many women give a passing thought
and if they did – well surely, they would rise up, all their sex
to take what’s theirs, to have their say – well - wouldn’t they?

©Geraldine Charles

Geraldine Charles

Geraldine is the founder and editor of Goddess Pages. She is also a Priestess of the Goddess, a founder member of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and a former Glastonbury Goddess Conference ceremonialist.
A web designer and all-round computer person, Geraldine is responsible for a number of websites. In her spare time she writes articles and poems, loves researching Goddess in mythology and also produces artwork on her beloved computer. She also runs an online correspondence course called "Getting to know the Goddess". 
Geraldine Charles

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