Goddess Wind in Greece

by Maria Duncalf-Barber

Since the dawn of civilization
Greece has honoured the Goddess
On my travels
I journey on the Aegean Sea
I am a pilgrim
On a pilgrimage of life
The Goddess wind skirts my legs

Onward to the island
of Mykonos I go
pressing my feet
onto sacred ground
ascending 687 stone steps
I am breathless
Olympian athlete am I
fit and ready and able
My intention is honourable
I want to reach the top
A second wind I get
I climb two steps at a time
feeling the wind on my face

I reach out my arms
to embrace
Sacred temple of Diana
Artemis in all her glory
Holy altar of the goddess
Watching over the land
Goddess wind touches me
I am strong
in my psyche
Strong in my body
Strong in my spirit

I have been here before
As a Handmaid of Diana
honouring the Goddess
from my heart
As spiral wind captures me
Circling me in
the meandering wind
holds me in its wake
Bending, curving, twisting me
into the lap of the Goddess
into the Oneness
Into the Divine place of memory.

©Maria Duncalf-Barber

Maria Duncalf-Barber

Maria Duncalf-Barber comes from a large family in Liverpool, England and has lived in Muskoka, Canada since 1993. She is a counsellor and educational trainer, also a motivational speaker. She has written numerous short stories and poetry, magazine and newspaper articles in Britain and Canada. She writes a regular column for Muskoka Magazine.  Writes her own column called "What's Up Bracebridge".  She has published her first book of poetry called, 'Carrying Our Altars Within-Inspirational Sacred Poetry'.  She is featured in eight anthologies of poetry and short story writing.
She is involved with photography and has won prizes for her work.  Maria loves the written word, loves being a storyteller and teaching writing and poetry workshops.
Maria was a semi-finalist for the short story at the Moondance Film Festival 2009 and has reached the semi-finals again in 2010.
She is presently writing and directing a documentary on Women and Aging - Aging A Work in Process.
Maria loves people and is excited when she midwifes them towards change, she adores the work she does. Her key word is integrity and she is living her True, authentic life and loving every moment of it. Maria’s involvement with personal growth stems from recognizing the holistic aspects of spirit, mind and body and the connection they portray.
Maria Duncalf-Barber

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