Explore Your Presence on the Island

by Rachael Clyne

A red watering can   rests
in the greenhouse          cobalt bounces
             off its plastic roof.

Churr of birdsong        shape and shadow skim
      soaring light      Iona is calling

On the ruined convent wall Sheela-na-Gig parts her labia
displays      our doorway         to life
Be like the watering can     she says       be a blank page
I'll write you when I can.


Rachael Clyne

Rachael Clyne is a Glastonbury-based psychotherapist, Goddess artist, writer and poet. Her self-help book, "Breaking the Spell - the Key to Recovering Self-esteem" (PSAvalon 2005) is available in Kindle and paperback.  Her poetry has been published in magazines and anthologies and she has a collection, "She Who Walks with Stones and Sings" (PSAvalon 2006).  Both books can be bought via Amazon, or from her website: www.rachaelclyne.com/, as can her powerful Goddess artwork.  Her articles and poems appear on her public Facebook Page.

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