Her Earthy Ethos of Eros

by Susa Silvermarie

AphroditeAphrodite, Star of Venus,
from your creased and handsome face,
your eyes blaze out and dance.
You who never settled
for love without erotic power,
You, Divine and always
seeking incarnation,
now you summon us
to the erotic celestial of flesh!

You invite us, Shining One,
to the common table to partake
in mortality’s delights.
Teacher of Seasoned Desire,
You urge us into
the body’s infinite cosmos.
Goddess of all longings,
You guide us to root our stories
deep in embodied aging.

Pleasure-loving Aphrodite!
You push into the world once more
between your powerful legs,
your earthy ethos of eros.
With strong and ancient arms,
you lift Desire’s hidden wisdom
back into the light of day.
Aphrodite, Honored Elder,
I, your faithful priestess, bow
in reverence to your vigor.

At each and every miracle of love
that my life continues to unfold,
may I flex, robust and lusty,
the holy muscle of eros;
the power, fierce and elegant,
that you, Lover of Lovers,
have infused in our flesh
until its last and shining day.

©Susa Silvermarie 2016


Susa Silvermarie

Susa Silvermarie writes: By the time you read this I will have moved to Mexico (Ajijic, Jalisco) to begin a new chapter in this glorious life. Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog at susasilvermarie.com. And I would love to hear from you. (Contact Goddess Pages and we will pass on your email to Susa).

All is one and we are One with She-Who-Is.
Susa Silvermarie

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