by Geraldine Charles

I’d like crawl into the soft, black earth
And curl around the bulbs, the thrusting roots -
Breathe in decay, corruption.  One sharp tug
And those triumphant, boastful yellow weeds
Would also mourn this dead, lost spring.

©2007, Geraldine Charles

Geraldine Charles

Geraldine is the founder and editor of Goddess Pages. She is also a Priestess of the Goddess, a founder member of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and a former Glastonbury Goddess Conference ceremonialist.
A web designer and all-round computer person, Geraldine is responsible for a number of websites. In her spare time she writes articles and poems, loves researching Goddess in mythology and also produces artwork on her beloved computer. She also runs an online correspondence course called "Getting to know the Goddess". 
Geraldine Charles

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