Image by Michelle Crowningshield

Connected to the source

by Michelle Crowningshield


Of inspiration
My heart opened from years
of being neglected
I could feel my desires
Focus in appreciation

My tears flowed freely like a river
Of the divine
Being nourished

And time stood still


Michelle Crowningshield

Michelle Crowningshield wrote the poetry books titled Soul Love Saga and Quantum Spirituality. These books turned into videos that incorporated each poem with a collage of models and artist.
She has been published in a few magazines like Ascent Aspirations, Montague Reporter, Mentertainment, Gallery and Savior Flair as well as 30 articles for Textbroker.
She has read her work at openings for Swan, Vagina Monologues, Fire and Water, Lilith and the Goddess Rock Festival with abundant power.
Her most rewarding accomplishment is being a mom to her 3 kids and foster mom to 8 over the past 7 years. She is hoping to adopt her baby girl who is now a wild 3 year old she has raised since birth.

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