Burning Times

by Sheila Rose Bright

magnoliaSpring Equinox
bursts out
of the warm moist soil
scarlet and daffodils
Eostre's passion

sap rises
up stirring trunk
and opening veins
to tender buds

trembling from clitoris
up deep opening passage
to nipple and tongue tips
exquisite stirrings of rebirth

I am a tree aflame
with life-lust
my velvety buds unfurl recklessly
soft and exposed
in the biting gales
and lashing hailstorms

the flaming heat
of re-kindled blood
burns heedless
of all but its own
ecstatic fulfilment

while desires yet unfulfilled
smoulder in deeper hues
longing to be fanned
into bright consuming fire

for you
with you
and without you
I burn, lady.


Sheila Rose Bright

Sheila Rose Bright was initiated into the Dianic tradition in 1983 and has walked a Goddess path with her sisters ever since.  She is a Priestess of Brigid and Crone. Singing is one of her greatest joys; she has dedicated her voice to Brigid and she is an ardent collector of sacred songs and chants.

At Samhain 2012 she crossed the threshold into old age with magical croning celebrations in Avebury and Glastonbury. She is now looking forward to retiring from her accounting and astrology work. "Being free to create a life doing what I want to do and thinking about what I want to think about should lead me to A Better Cronehood (ABC)."

She is/was co-organiser of the Goddess in Cornwall Event, co-founder of Goddess Alive! Magazine, and the author of numerous Goddess-related articles and the booklet The Eleusinian Mysteries – a Modern Pilgrimage (available from the Goddess Temple website).
Sheila Rose Bright

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