Brigantia is …..

by Alex Chaloner

Deep drum rumble.
Life spark tumble.
Hard rock stumble.
Slow dance fumble.

Gaia heart feeding
Mother lungs breathing
Stick woman needing
Eternal sower seeding.

Green jewel keeping
Dark side sleeping
Cave dweller peeping
Harvest cycle reaping.

Woman blood flowing.
Female power knowing.
Shamanka magic showing.
Hands palms glowing.

Earth Mother weeping
Earth Mother seeping
Earth Mother healing
Earth Mother feeling.

Earth Heart pounding
Earth feet grounding
Earth voice sounding
Earth belly rounding.

©Alex Chaloner

Alex Chaloner

Alex Chaloner is 38 years old and works in West Yorkshire.  She is a self-dedicated Priestess of the Goddess, a role that involves work as a ceremonialist, workshop facilitator, speaker and writer through the organisation Goddess Within.
Alex Chaloner