by Annabell of The Old Ways

As the wheel of the year turns
We are upon yet another season
Flowers burst forth with colour
Giving life a joyous reason

Beltane is the time of fruitfulness
Of fertility, joy and mirth
The crops and trees sprout forth their fruits
And many animals are giving birth

We celebrate the joining
Of the Goddess and her King
The love that blossoms every year
Giving life to everything

©Annabell Alexander, 2008

Annabell Alexander

Annabell Alexander is a spiritual and soul counsellor, who for the past three years has been working with Circle of the Old Ways.She does not follow any set path but lives the life of The Old Ways, believing thatit is for each of us to find our own truths and to take the path that we feel comfortable with.

Annabell's passion is female empowerment, as well as working on International Women's Day, she is working on setting up Goddess Groups all around the UK.

She is married with five grandchildren and lives on the West Sussex coastline, which is a wonderful location for full moon rituals and handfastings.She can be seen most days, regardless of the weather, standing facing out to sea connecting with her element - The Wind.
Annabell Alexander

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