Author: Wendy Stokes

The Triple Goddess Tarot

The 33 cards carry an individual illustration. The Alchemy cards have blue backs and blue framed images and represent the mystery and wisdom of the Divine Feminine. The deck contains  a set of 7 ‘chakra’ cards with green backs, illustrated in the chakra colours, which can be read alongside the Alchemy cards or alone. The Alchemy cards have a number and title, the Chakra cards have no numbers or titles. The almond shape of the vesica piscis  – an ancient symbol of femininity and birth – runs throughout all 33 cards’ illustrations.

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Sibyls Oraculum

The author, Tayannah Lee McQuillar is a cultural anthropologist, scholar of religion, esoterica and mysticism. She hails from New York but conducted her research in Brazil and New Orleans and has shown great expertise in her knowledge of divination from earliest antiquity in this North African study and uniquely developed card system. She is the author of  ‘Rootwork’.

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