Freyja, Great Goddess of the Northlands

by Thorskegga Thorn

Freya (1901) by Johannes GehrtsFreyja (often Anglised as 'Freya') is the most popular goddess honoured by modern Heathens, the pagan tradition inspired by the ancient religions of Scandinavia, England, the Netherlands and Germany. Freyja's independent personality makes her an ideal role model for the modern Heathen women and her interest in sexual pleasure makes her an ideal patroness for many full blooded Heathen men.

Historically speaking Freyja is known from Scandinavia where she is the chief goddess of a divine household called the Vanir. Only a handful of the scores of ancient Heathen deities are specified as Vanir, including Freyja's father Njorđr, a god of the sea, wind and fire, and her brother Freyr, the god of fertility. The other well known Heathen deities, such as Thórr, Ođinn, Týr, Loki and Frigg belong to the rival Aesir household.

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