She Speaks through the Trees: the relationship between the Goddess, the trees and the witches

by Theresa C. Dintino


We spend much of our time listening to the trees.

We are a collective of diviners, we call ourselves Strega Tree. We are medicine people, Goddess devotees from many traditions and backgrounds but we spend much of our time out in the wild listening to the trees.

The trees are teaching us and guiding us how to walk the path: the path of our ancient foremothers, the path of truth.

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(Spiral) is for water

(spiral) is for water

by Theresa C. Dintino

If we listened, water would teach us a lot, about ourselves, our planet - the Universe itself. If we listened, we would hear the voice of the ultimate spoken clearly and eloquently through water. If we decide to listen, it should be soon since we are rapidly changing the qualities of this life-giving element - water.

At a Bioneers conference in Marin County, California, I attended the lecture,Waterworld: The Patterns of Nature given by Jennifer Greene of Maine. She spoke of the positive qualities of water from an anthroposophical point of view, emphasizing that to become effective stewards of water we must understand its true nature.

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Yes, Virginia, There is a Newgrange

by Theresa C. Dintino

Virginia Woolf
London, 1941

Because we forgot how to console ourselves, because we forgot our connection to the earth, to the sky, to the smallest cell within us, the most encompassing black hole surrounding us—because of this, we know despair.
     Once, we walked to Newgrange.  Once we knew, the snow crunching for miles beneath our feet, we knew how important it is to remember —to remind ourselves, to experience rebirth and so, believe again.
     I laughed when I wrote this.  I, who had only just decided to walk into the river.  I who was so cold, so cold—so alone—that to me, the water felt warm.

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The Archetype of the Womb – Part II

by Theresa C. Dintino

Womb Ovens

Fascinating artifacts depicting beliefs about the Archetype of the Womb are bread ovens created in the shape of a pregnant human uterus, images of female hips as wide, encircling alchemical ovens and temples of worship that contain bread ovens as a focal point.

In the Neolithic Cucuteni culture of Eastern Europe we find profound illustrations of this concept. The Cucuteni culture (circa 4800-3500 BCE) located in areas of Romania, Russia where it is called Tripolye and Ukraine where it is Trypillia, was a pre-patriarchal culture that grew to enormous size and left a wealth of artifacts. Their ceramic pottery and designs are among the most elegant in human prehistory.

The largest Cucuteni village, Tal’noe, south of present day Kiev had up to 20,000 people and 1500 houses on 700 acres.[1] Here, the earliest cultivation of cherry trees is found, as well as other orchards of fruit, and fields of cultivated grains. They raised cattle and pigs and engaged in hunting and fishing. Cucuteni villages were often circular with the tallest buildings positioned at the outer ring for protection from wild animals and a meeting place at the village center.

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The Archetype of the Womb – Part 1

by Theresa C. Dintino

Once there was the archetype of a nurturing womb that lived in the collective human psyche offering comfort and assurance. This archetype was a strong and persistent one. Modern westerners have lost this archetype. The loss of this powerful archetype leaves us with many wounds: a deep sense of isolation, alienation, disconnection and disorientation. We are plagued and haunted by deep, primal fear. This fear drives us, continually leading us in the wrong direction – away from a return to the Archetype of the Womb.

The Archetype of the Womb, the number one in sacred geometry, is one of connectedness, interconnectedness, unity and community. There is a birth from and return to the nurturing womb, rendering blood and darkness a sacred mystery. The mystery is held within the womb. When the universe, kosmos, is viewed as a womb, there is the awareness of a series of nested wombs held within this larger womb image – an infinite nesting of wombs within wombs. Carefully held contained space creates more carefully held contained space.

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