Author: Rachael Clyne

Thirteen Women in Search of Wild

The land did not make it easy for us to love her; she made us work for her beauty. We had to face our disappointment and frustration at finding the moors enclosed, fenced off. She made us feel the anguish of the forestry battlegrounds that surrounded us, our rage at being hemmed in and the grief of knowing that it was we who had put up the fences, who had demanded the trees, so systematically slaughtered.

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“Gaia Emerging – Goddess Beliefs and Practices in Australia” by Patricia Rose and Tricia Szirom

Whether or not you are Australian this small book is packed with information. It is also a source of useful questions about the history and nature of emerging Goddess spirituality and has certainly set me thinking. One of the things I like about the book is that it is well organised, leading you systematically through an account of global as well as local experience of Goddess spirituality.

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Who on Earth is Goddess?

I was in my thirties, training as a psychotherapist and in therapy when I was first introduced to the idea of Goddess. I was struggling to resolve my sense of identity as a woman, which had long been uncertain. My therapist, of Catholic background, suggested Mary as a start, but at that point it felt too scary for a Jewish girl! I found myself initially drawn to Kwan Yin even though I knew nothing about her.

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