Who on Earth is Goddess?

by Rachael Clyne

Simferopol Gymnast SculptureI was in my thirties, training as a psychotherapist and in therapy when I was first introduced to the idea of Goddess. I was struggling to resolve my sense of identity as a woman, which had long been uncertain. My therapist, of Catholic background, suggested Mary as a start, but at that point it felt too scary for a Jewish girl! I found myself initially drawn to Kwan Yin even though I knew nothing about her.

I then went on a week’s holiday to Crete, without any hint of what lay there for me- interesting choice you might say. It was the first time I had been away on my own. I was staggered by the feeling of warm, baked- bread breath that enfolded me as I stepped from the plane and of the constant voice that welcomed and guided me that week. Most of the time I struggled with loneliness and obsessive thoughts that everyone else had someone but me. However, with amazing timing I arrived at Greek Easter and my trip turned into a life-changing pilgrimage of death and rebirth, of revisiting and remembering places of a past life as a priestess there, at Knossos Throne Room and the Dictian Cave where I left my defunct wedding ring as an offering. I found myself offering gestures and spontaneous prayers to Goddess, with loving messages from her as she reached out to me. I even found a statue of Kwan Yin in Herakleon among the Minoan depictions. Continue reading "Who on Earth is Goddess?"

Spiritual Highs and Lows

by Rachael Clyne

Cave of the Goddess, by Rachael ClyneMany and varied are the ways we connect with spiritual experience; whether through meditation, ceremony, service, childbirth, lovemaking, sport, moments of wild wonder in nature, losing oneself in acts of creativity or simply whilst standing at the kitchen sink. We can also experience deep connection in times of pain, loss and extremis.

Some of the most powerful spiritual times of my life were witnessing the death of my sister and later my parents; especially afterwards when I felt their presence communicating the mystery of passing over that particular threshold. There are endless interpretations of what is meant by spiritual experience and this article does not pretend to answer such questions, only to share with you a small piece of my own.

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