Ecofeminism: Historical Perspectives and Revolutionary Potential

by Milina Jovanović

Navdanya Women Seed Course - see http://www.navdanya.orgEcofeminism as a modern concept dates back to 1974, yet most Women and Gender Studies programs in the U.S. do not offer courses on it.  Some even fail to mention this important revolutionary perspective. We have generations of feminists and Women’s Studies graduates who are unfamiliar with ecofeminist world views.

Facing the many global challenges and grave dangers of our times--including climate change and its disasters--we might return to ancient views and practices that acknowledged the unbreakable links between women, men  and nature. As our life on earth may be in danger, the need to recapture ancient and develop modern ecofeminist theories is more important than ever. Continue reading "Ecofeminism: Historical Perspectives and Revolutionary Potential"