I Can Hear Them Drum: Daughters of the Moon Turns 15!

by Marcia Tucker

"Crones Chorus Line" From left: Pam Schmidt, Shari Yetto, Debbie "Nanny Og" Lodge, Leela Patterson, Anne Pelloth, Bonnie McKinney-Moss, Marcia Tucker

Opening Ritual. Allison calls together the flotsam gathering of royal blue-adorned women on the patio of the main hall at Piersol Group Camp at Meeman-Shelby State Forest outside of Memphis, Tennessee.  The outline forms an amoeboid shape, prompting the traditional singing of Trudy's famous “We are a polygon, within a polygon, and we go on and on... and on and on and on...” (Sung to the common chant “We are a Circle”.)  This is Daughters of the Moon, 2014.

On Saturday, a collective of women gather in one of the Triangle rooms, spilling out onto the patio in a randomly wandering circle.  It's another amoeboid shape, but a very different one.  We sit facing outward instead, and each of us holds a scarf and a pillow.  Rootz gently guides us into a place of safety, leading each to turn and face the woman beside her to whisper the assurance: “You are safe here.”  Then to the other side... and we rest in that safe space.  Pillows become a manifestation of our younger selves, a baby girl, toddler, elementary schooler, teenager, young woman.  As directed, I and the others wrap our scarves around the pillows, symbolically wrapping our Inner Girl in care and love. Continue reading "I Can Hear Them Drum: Daughters of the Moon Turns 15!"