The Chronicles of Baubo Biggins: I am waiting

as told to Katara Moon

WaitingHello Sweeties, Baubo Biggins Here Again!

Back in the sixties, in my High School days, the first book I ever bought with my hard-earned allowance ($5) was a book of poetry by the wonderful and morose Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  (You can bet spell check couldn't find his name.) My favorite poem was his "I Am Waiting".  It is no less current today as it was then.  I hope you will give him a read.  In homage to Lawrence Sweetie I will now share with you my musings on the subject.

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Misogyny on Parade

as told to Katara Moon

DAW1Hello Sweeties, Baubo Biggins here

So much has transpired since I last put pen to paper but instead of luxuriating in musings on creativity or spiritual epiphanies, I must jump right in to a most retching development on the American political scene. Let me state before I start that the opinions herewith imparted are mine and mine alone - no other entity or deity should be held culpable.

Usually, for health reasons, I avoid news shows. When I must peek in, it would be to dear Rachel Maddow or Jon Stewart. There I feel my time and energy are honored. As the US presidential election of 2012 is gearing up here I have to look in a time or two to see who or what has jumped the tracks.

I was in for quite a surprise.

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The Chronicles of Baubo Biggins

as told to Katara Moon

BautoHello Sweeties,
Baubo Biggins here.

I send this missive to you after being inspired by Karen Tate's lovely book Walking An Ancient Path. My memory was jogged and two tales of epiphany came spilling back which I have vowed to share with you one and all.

A bit of background must be indulged - how did Baubo Biggins become my alter ego, muse, guardian Goddess, et al?  "Oh", I hear you say, "She has taken her name from an adventure series known to millions".  But no ... you'd be wrong.  Baubo is a Goddess.  A Greek Goddess.  One who saved us all from freezing our asses off.

And Biggins?  Well Biggins speak for themselves. "Oh no", I hear you say, "She is going to make them talk".  But No. I thought about that briefly.  And well ... that would be tacky.  Even Baubo has certain standards.

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