Rhea – Goddess of the Flow

by Jocelyn Chaplin

 Rhea and her Rhythms, by Jocelyn ChaplinRhea (the flow) is a little known Greek Goddess in spite of being described as mother of them all. Most famously she is the mother of Zeus, the boss God of Classical Greece. She was supposed to have hidden him from his father Cronos who wanted to eat him up like his other children. The hiding place was the Idean cave on Crete which gives us a clue as to her origins.

It is likely that Rhea is one name given by the later Greeks to the most sacred and mysterious flow of life itself revered by earlier peoples. She is described as one of the 14 Titans who were more ancient than Zeus and co. Rhea clearly belonged to a very ancient pre-Olympian time, yet I believe that out of all the Goddesses she has particular relevance for today.

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