Author: Jill Smith

The Amazon Woman of Kilda: Part 2

In the Spring 2012 edition of Goddess Pages I wrote of my visits to the Amazon House on St Kilda, which lies at least 60 miles to the west of mainland Scotland.
This archipelago has an almost mythical hold on many people, drawing them to visit, and in the past was almost legendary, as the islands disappear and re-appear faintly on the horizon like some version of Tir nan Og, tantalising viewers in the Western Isles of Scotland. I too was ‘called’ by them over several decades before finding an affordable way to physically reach them.

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“Thirteen Moons (Conversations with the Goddess)” by Peter Knight

I struggled with this book from the start, being very unsure for what readership it is intended.
The cover notes state that ‘incredibly’ the book is semi-autobiographical, but the format left me confused.  It is written in the first person, but I wasn’t clear as to whether it is the author’s personal experience; or a work of fiction on which to hang his own ideas.  For me, as half one, half the other, it doesn’t work.

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Imbolc 1995

The snow has gone from most of the land
and the hardness of frost,
but the mountains are still patched with white.
Brighde’s figure sleeps,
covered with the lace of her winter veil.

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