Rainbow bird, by Nanri Tenney

The Rainbow Birds

Words by Carolyn Lee Boyd
Art by Nanri Tenney

I will always remember the moment when, just like that, the rainbow birds surrounded me, embraced me in flight, soaring on currents of air that made gliding effortless. Birds of such magnificence could not exist on Earth.  Each individual bird was arrayed in her own unique, luminescent hue and, together, they were a living, flying rainbow mosaic evoking the beauty of all the most stunning visions on the planet.  My soul ached to be one of them. If I were, I wondered, what would my own color be? 

I caught a glimmer below me and gazed down into the reflection of a pond on the ground.  I saw my own face in the water’s mirror, though the face of a bird, not a human, and I understood that I need yearn no more. I only remembered ever being a woman, but somehow I was now a bird, gliding a thousand feet up without fear or regret at the loss of my humanity.  I was awed by my feathers that echoed the azure of the noonday winter sky and the delicacy of my shell-pink beak. 

For decades I had walked on two feet, bound by gravity to the surface of the Earth. The memory of those years weighed on my spirit and I began to descend against my will.  If my arms and hands were now feathered wings, how would I gather the herbs and mix them into potions to comfort and save life, or boil the tinctures to apply as I sat by the rasping shell of a loved one fading from the Earth? Who would care for the children I had midwifed into life and nurtured with nature’s healing plants through every illness?
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